Dear Mandy

Thank you so much for having given TAE such a boost! Your course was just what was needed to get the ball successfully rolling again. People have said so many very nice things about your approach, your teaching skills and the way in which you elicit results! Thank you once again.

Thatcham Art Experience


Dear Mandy

The portraits of the children are totally magical. They look exactly right (both the little details of their faces and capturing their – very different – personalities). Everyone I’ve shown them to has loved them, and most of them have said we’re brave to keep them here for the week as I’m bound to want to put them on our wall! However, I know my parents will treasure them so I don’t mind sending the pictures to their proper home. Many, many thanks again for the hours of hard work.

Emily and Mark


We were very pleased and I admit ‘relieved’ by Mandy’s portraits of us. Our apprehension of being photographed and (brief) sittings was totally lifted by her relaxed, friendly approach. We really do wish her well.

M & J Allen